Sunday, January 9, 2011

CBR III #1 Rose and Isabel

This is my first CBR. I'm totally excited but I'm starting by taking it easy. I started with a comic book that I'd been meaning to read. Rose and Isabel by Ted Mathot. Mathot is an artist working at Pixar. I picked up a copy of his book at Wondercon. (Full disclosure I work at a comic book store and go to a lot of conventions for work) Anywho, I couldn't resist a comic about badass warrior women who aren't half naked.
The book starts out with a description of Amazons and then other warrior women throughout history. Then Book 1 starts out with the 3 Prescott boys leaving home to go fight for the North in the Civil War. The book takes on an anti-war sentiment with the line “We are only to guard the nearby union railroad for a few months.” Cause you know and I know that they will not be back quickly. The months stretch on to years and Rose (the younger and more headstrong of the two) decides to venture out into the Civil War and take back her brothers. Her father forbids it so she sneaks out of the house. She asks her sister, Isabel, to come along to help her. That is the bulk of the comic book, the two of them questing to find their brothers. The book shows the two sisters being trained by their father to fight, and shows that they are both amazing fighting prodigies. Hence all of the allusions in the being to amazons and warrior women. The two girls are show to be heirs to these great female warriors.
The art is good. Mathot works as a cartoonist and it’s clear here that the book has more of a cartoon look and not an illustrated look. There are some parts that are not as . . . finely drawn as I would prefer them, but it doesn’t detract from the overall storyline. The book is entirely in black and white which makes for some interesting art choices. The book brings up some really interesting ideas about war, the futility of it and the pain of war. The sister’s relationship is also tested. All in all it was a fun read, and I will be looking out for sequels that he has out Cora and Cora II.

You can buy the book here