Wednesday, February 13, 2013

Review # 6 Last Dragon Standing by G.A. Aiken

Last Dragon Standing is the fourth book in the Dragon Kin series aka the sexy dragon books. The couple in this book is Ragnar the Cunning and Keita the Red Viper Dragon of Despair and Death.  Have I mentioned how much I love the names in these books? These books follow in pretty quick succession and they really build on the events of previous books.  I’m going to try and review the book without talking too much or spoiling anything. 

Ragnar the Cunning is the current leader of the Northern Lighting Dragons. He likes to dress himself as a monk and fancies himself quite the scholar. Last time he tangled with Keita she seduced most of his cousins and gave him a nasty chest wound. Keita is the youngest girl-dragon of the Royal Dragon family and is definitely treated as the baby. She has a very tempestuous relationship with her mother (honestly it’s because they are so similar). Keita is also a huge slut. And I’m not trying to shame her. She is very sexual, and uses her sexuality to trick men into either giving her what she wants or causing trouble. The dragon queen summons Ragnar and along the way he runs into Keita who is then manipulated into coming along. Soon they learn that all is not well in the Kingdom. Keita’s aunt has gone missing and there are more assignation attempts on the human queen Annwyl than usual. Ragnar is really attracted to Keita but he thinks she’s a silly pampered royal. We (along with Ragnar) eventually learn that not only is Keita much more than that, but she is very very clever. 

I didn’t expect to like Keita as much as I did. She comes off as really bitchy and mean in the other books. I was pleasantly surprised to learn about her talents in this book. She is kind of a BAMF. She’s not the huge warrior that many of the other women are in the book, but she is capable of handling herself and the troubles she tends to create. I also wasn’t really expecting to like Ragnar as much as I did. Aiken sometimes writes her heroes as way too Alpha male, and while Ragnar is not beta, he loves Keita for who she is. He never tries to make her change or bend her to his will. I really loved the way they got together in the end because it’s not something you see too often in romance novels.

And just to illustrate why you need to read these books in the opening scene Keita has been flirting with a noble in the country. She sneaks into his room to kill him but finds that a girl has already gotten to it first. The guards rush in a just that moment to find her poised over the body with a vial of poison. Despite her pleas that she didn’t do it (how could he be dead if her vial was still full of poison?) she gets thrown into prison. Well, she never had breakfast and manages to scare the whole castle by eating a fucking dog in prison!! What?! This is why I love these books. I said it in my previous review, but these books are total crackfic for me. They are so fun, and so silly. 

I give this one 4 out of 5 tasty puppies. 

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